On The Wings of Heaven

On the Wings of Heaven
Tina Blackledge

In the dark beyond that of night,
A child looks towards Heaven’s light.

“God, will you hear me this night?”
a small voice whispers as soft
as an angel in flight.

The silence is deafening,
and the hope is dying.

“God, can you take me away?”
I don’t want to stay.”
“Please Lord, I can’t find my way”

The voice is older and
The heart is colder.

“Father, why?”
The battered heart cries.
“I am tired of all the lies.”

“Do you trust me?”
The Father softly replies.

“I am afraid, there has
been so much pain.”
“I want to trust, but it hurts
too much.”

“My child, I’ve had a plan for you
since the moment I made you.”

“Father, I have loved you. I have obeyed you.
. Yet I must ask,
Where were you when the Monsters came?”

“Dearest Daughter, I’ve always been with you. I was
there the night you could not walk, I held you tight when
you trembled and bled in the dark; I was there when you gave
up the fight and I stayed your hand that night.

“I know your heart’s desire but I need you to strike the fire”
Fight the fight and destroy the Monsters of the night.
I know the task is not easy but you do not fight alone,
for I have made an army of angels on earth to make the
Monsters atone.”


5 thoughts on “On The Wings of Heaven

    • Thank you Diane. I wrote it some time ago but I have been going through my files and dusting some of my old work off and sharing it. It is interesting for me to see the dates that I wrote each and review the content. I am glad this poem touched you. It is what I call “soul writing” because it is borne out of suffering and the desire to know God’s plan for one’s life.


    • From the heart is the only place from which I know how to write. I am a very passionate person and the Lord has gifted me with the strong desire to challenge wrongs and help strengthen the broken. I just pray that my work will help others traveling through their own corner of hell.


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