What is this blog all about?

Have you ever had the flu, injury, or ailment that you thought would never go away? Have you ever suffered to the degree that you earnestly believed that you would be better off dead?  Just when you thought you could not take it anymore, relief came in the form of medication or with your immune system kicking in and fixing the imbalance. Well, think of that time just before you experienced the hope giving relief and you may understand the life of someone who is disabled and/or in chronic pain. Whether you are that person yourself or you know someone who suffers to this degree then this blog might appeal to you. The purpose of this blog is too offer insights I have learned along the way, share stories of faith and hardship, or just to swap positive coping mechanisms.

I have an abundance of experience, knowledge, and education that will help me offer you a compassionate, if virtual, ear. I will offer whimsical stories as well as serious information that will aid you in a various topics. I have been a high school history teacher, a care-taker for a disabled parent (37years) and a therapist (non-licensed). I am a person of great strength of character and resolve , which has helped me overcome a learning disability (dyslexia), physical disability (rheumatoid arthritis from age 5), a person who suffers with chronic pain, and who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I have earned a BA in history and an MS in human services with a self-concentrated study in childhood abuse and violent sexual predators.

I love painting landscapes with acrylics. I also love animals, children and writing. I am currently writing three books in different genres and for different audiences; however, that takes time and I wanted a more direct and immediate way to help people. As a result, I thought I might try the blogging venue and attempt to help as many people as I can for as long as I am able. So, if you are experiencing any kind of pain (emotional, spiritual, or physical) or know someone who is  then my fervent prayer is to be able to offer you the possibility of understanding and hope.

5 thoughts on “What is this blog all about?

  1. hey tina,i miss you! i wrote you a while back…then it wouldn’t send but hey,,,,i like your blog ang read every sentence! love lisa


  2. I loved your blog very very much dear and i am here as a friend to help you sort out your fight in any which it is possible for me, I may not survive but my heart will remain with you dear, you are a wonderful human and a very beautiful soul

    Thank you for sharing everything 🙂 🙂

    Fight like hell and always have faith 🙂


    • Again, thank you. I have been fighting since the day I took my first breath! I do not think I know how to do anything else but fight. Hence, that is what I will do until the good Lord feels that I have fulfilled my purpose then I will gladly go home.


      • Oh dear you are so wonderful and surrender to god so beautifully 🙂 We all will learn from you dear 🙂

        thank you dear Tina 🙂

        Love and hugs to you dear 🙂


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